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The easy ticketing solution for concerts, fundraisers, movie nights and other events, where you’re simply selling entry passes.

Get started for free No credit card required. No contracts

Single use ticket

Sell up to 20 transferable tickets in one single transaction

The printed tickets are transferable and used for admission at the door or gate to your event.

Icons of some supported payment providers and card types

Take secure credit card payments in 30+ currencies

Easy integration with Stripe or Paypal for payment in many currencies, or use Lil Regie’s payment facility for New Zealand events.

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Enjoy a streamlined checkout for quick and effortless sales

Our ticketing only events get people through the buying process as quickly as possible.

Mobile phone scanning app for a QR code ticket

Scan tickets at the door

Speed up your event entry by scanning QR codes at the door with our mobile ticket scanning app. Make event access faster, easier, and more secure.

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After the event

Once the celebratory hangover wears off, review your event analytics to make your next event even better.