Lil Regie

Our Team

We’re a small New Zealand based team, and though we’re serious about our product, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

  • Photo of Mike

    Mike — Lil Regie godfather and customer care guru

    Mike co-founded Lil Regie about ten years ago, initially only to make his life easier as organiser of the Webstock conference. Running a tech conference, he needed to create a ticketing platform that has solid tech behind it and that is user friendly for his attendees - otherwise that would have been a really bad look. He knows Lil Regie inside out and is able to answer even the trickiest questions.

    He likes running, and spending time with family.

  • Photo of Steve

    Steve — CTO (aka Cranky Tech Operator)

    As any developer in this world, he gets overloaded with requests, which all should only take a second to implement, right?! Efficient and competent as he is, he’ll try to get rid of a lot of them, but when he does implement something, he does it well. He has been with Lil Regie for ages. So really, Lil Regie feels like it’s his baby. And he won’t allow for anything bad to happen to his baby!

  • Photo of Juri

    Juri — German hacker with an East block attitude aka ‘too direct’

    A programmer, who is so in love with his job, that he even called his daughter after his favourite programming language. No kidding! He has been running the Ruby meet up in Auckland for what feels like ages and can hold hour long discussions about cyber security (you would loooove to hear about it… =). He’s been part of the team since 2015, continuously refining solid & adding new features in cooperation with Steve.

    He likes all kinds of techy stuff, good coffee & food, spending time with his kids, reading & playing computer games.

  • Photo of Tim

    Tim — UX/UI

    With over 20 years designing intuitive user interfaces and experiences. His handy work has been used by millions of people (including most of NZ from his time as lead designer at Trade Me). He’s known for making the most complex task seem not only simple, but enjoyable. When he’s not designing, he’s restoring vintage BMXs and building life-size Star Wars characters & props (Original Trilogy of course!)

  • Photo of Jess

    Jess — Professional site crasher and copy wiz

    You will find that a big chunk of our help articles have been written by Jess. She’s very good with her words! She’ll also put any new features to the test that Steve and Juri implement before releasing them to the world. Nothing escapes her scrutiny. So you see why our developers sometimes get cranky.

  • Photo of Renata

    Renata — the marketing chick

    Renata adds international business and marketing knowledge to the team. She wants to tell the ENTIRE world about Lil Regie! In the process she showers Steve and Juri with customer centric feature requests. She does customer research & comms, works on the website and regularly unleashes the Excel kraken. You’ll also sometimes find her answering support questions.

    When she’s not working she’s probably onto another DIY project, playing the uke or hanging with the kids.