Lil Regie


One pricing plan — all marvelous features included

Lil Regie ticketing fees

Lil Regie logo 2.75% per
+ GST (NZ customers only)

Ticket fees are capped at max. NZD 19.95 per
i.e. our Lil Regie fee per ticket will never exceed this amount. Check fee caps for other currencies.

Free events
are free

Get started for free No credit card required. No contracts.


Credit card fees

Lil Regie logo 2.75% per

  • Available to NZ customers only
  • Transaction money paid out at conclusion of event.


for domestic cards
2.7% + NZD 0.30
for international cards
2.9% + NZD 0.30*
  • Connect your Stripe payment gateway to process payments on your behalf
  • Accept payments from 30+ countries
  • Enjoy weekly rolling payments

Paypal is also available

* Stripe NZ pricing shown as example, as at Feb ‘23

Credit card processing fees

For credit card payments, we offer a number of options. Credit card fees are in addition to Lil Regie fees.

Lil Regie’s credit card processing (NZ customers only)

Fee of 2.75% of the ticket price.
NZ customers can offer credit card payments through our built-in solution, easy as. Lil Regie holds this money on your behalf until the event concludes. It's then paid out to you, minus our fees, within 48 hours.

Stripe (our recommended third-party option)

Check Stripe for fees charged.
Accept credit card payments using your own Stripe account. This solution is seamlessly integrated with Lil Regie. Stripe fees and Lil Regie fees are taken at the time of transaction. The remaining money is held in your Stripe account and paid out on a rolling basis by Stripe.


Check Paypal for fees charged.
Accept credit card payments using your own Paypal account. Customers are taken to Paypal for payment during registration and then brought back to Lil Regie to finish. Paypal fees are taken at the time of transaction and your money is paid out by Paypal at the conclusion of your event. Lil Regie fees are invoiced once your event has finished.

Merchant account facility

If you have your own merchant account facility, we should be able to integrate that with Lil Regie. Please contact us for more information.

Payments through invoice

There is no additional processing fee for invoice payments. These are paid directly into your own bank account.

Accept donations or koha

Accept donations for your event. And as donations usually are for a good cause, we don’t charge Lil Regie fees on the donated amount.

Sales taxes

For New Zealand events, Lil Regie fees are GST exclusive. For events in all other countries, no additional sales taxes apply.

Supported countries & maximum fee caps

Lil Regie supports events in the following countries. The maximum Lil Regie fee charged per ticket sold is as follows…

AUD 19.95
EUR 14.95
EUR 14.95
CAD 19.95
EUR 14.95
EUR 14.95
EUR 14.95
EUR 14.95
EUR 14.95
EUR 14.95
Hong Kong
HKD 119.95
EUR 14.95
EUR 14.95
JPY 1,595.00
EUR 14.95
EUR 14.95
EUR 14.95
EUR 14.95
EUR 14.95
New Zealand
NZD 19.95
NOK 119.95