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Statement about an event using Lil Regie for registrations

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We’ve recently been made aware of an event called Inflection Point New Zealand that is using Lil Regie for its registrations, and wish to make the following statement:

Lil Regie serves as a platform for the registration, payment and management of events and we provide our service in good faith.  There are many events using Lil Regie services at any time, and we do not always expect to align with their objectives. However, in this case, we’d like to openly state that we do not support the aims of this event and find it abhorrent, including due to views shared by the speakers towards the trans and wider LGBTQIA+ community. This is not an event that’s welcome on the Lil Regie platform. It does not reflect our values, neither personally nor as a company.

Regrettably, our Terms and Conditions that apply to this event do not allow us to cancel the use of Lil Regie for this event without potential liability for breach of contract. As a small company, we’re not in a position to take that risk, and so have reluctantly made the decision to keep the event posted on Lil Regie.

We acknowledge that this has exposed a flaw in our Terms and Conditions, for which we take full responsibility. We’ve since amended our Terms and Conditions to give Lil Regie the right to refuse or cancel inappropriate events posted on our platform going forward.

We fully support the rights of trans people and the wider LGBTQIA+ community to live lives as they see fit and without fear of harassment and persecution.

In an effort to support causes aligned with our values, we will be donating our income from this event to the charity InsideOut.

We’re both angry and sad that an event such as this is taking place, and using Lil Regie for its registration, and will do our best to ensure Lil Regie's services are not used for events such as this again.

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