Designing your form

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Now you’ve decided what information you’re collecting on your form, it’s time to design it!

Lil Regie has “Basic” and “Advanced” options for designing your form.

We’ll just look at “Basic options” here. These are simple, quick options that you can implement without needing to know anything about building websites. But if you’re familiar with using HTML and CSS, then the “Advanced options” allow a much greater degree of design customisation.

You can upload an image or your logo to use on the banner for your form.

You’re able to choose the positioning of your image (left, centre or right aligned) and also add spacing to go above or below it.

You can also upload an image that can become the background for the pages of your registration form.


As with the banner image, you can choose the alignment of this image. You can also choose to have it tile and repeat over the page.

Lil Regie provides a default colour scheme for your form.


It’s easy to change these colours via a colour-picker, or by adding the hex value directly. And you can get an idea how things will look via the section on the right that changes colours dynamically as you try then out.


Finally, you’re able to change the fonts used on your form.


And note that you’re able to preview how your design will look.

Now you’re ready to make some decisions on how you’ll collect payments for your event.

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